CacoReady™ Kit

A ready-to-use cell-based assay for rapid Caco-2 in-vitro assessment of drugs' ability to cross the intestinal epithelium.


  • Differentiated Caco-2 cells barrier (21-day system), plated on HTS Transwell®-24 and -96 permeable supports.
  • Integrated Transwells enable easy handling and provide a user-friendly system.
  • Proprietary conditioning medium allows up to 9 days of transportation/storage at room temperature.
  • Adaptable to automation.
  • Cost-effective for any size laboratory.

Product Information

Product Number Product Name Format
001-1001 CacoReady 24-well Kit 24-well plate
001-1002 CacoReady 96-well Kit 96-well plate

CacoReady™ is a trademark of Advancell

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