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Readycell ( is a biotechnology company that provides innovative Ready-To-Use Cell Based Kits for efficacy and safety testing of active molecules as an alternative to animal testing. Its unique and revolutionary solid shipping medium technology maintains the viability of the cells ensuring their functionality at their final destination.  Their most successful kit to date is the CacoReady System which measures intestinal absorption of newly discovered drugs. Additional kits for MDR-1 & BCRP are also available.

The company is located in Barcelona, Spain.



RD-Biotech ( is a leader in providing products, services and reagents for the biotech industry, including Ready-to-Use assay kits. RD-Biotech's business model allows it to achieve substantial reductions in costs, risks and the development time. Their most successful product to date is the FastELYSA® product line, which provides a simple and rapid method for quantification of immunoglobulins concentration in various species as well as isoptyping of the mouse immunoglobulins.

RD-Biotech operates throughout five divisions: molecular biology, which concentrates its activity on development through to clinical concept testing of innovative pharmaceuticals in search for new applications of known molecules; analytical testing, which involves sample preparation, analytical service and analytical method development from research through product prototypes; cell culture development and production (primary cells or cell lines); immunology with a focus on in-vitro development and production of monoclonal antibodies; and ready-to-use ELISA products from concept to manufacturing.

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